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Baker Pool uses Mobile Forms to build and maintain pools


Baker Pool Eliminates Paperwork with Mobile Forms

With Device Magic's mobile forms solution, Baker Pool was able to achieve its paperless goal and optimize their pool maintenance processes.

"We didn't want to have paperwork floating around in a tech's van," said Patrick McCormick, President of Baker Pool. All paperwork is now completed on tablets using the Device Magic mobile forms app and the data is recorded on the spot.

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African Clean Energy | Video

Our customers and their success is a top priority at Device Magic. Watch why our customers use mobile forms.

What is Device Magic? | Video

Device Magic is a mobile forms software and data collection app used by thousands of organizations worldwide every day.

How to Add Devices | Video

Watch how-to videos and tutorials to learn ways to get the most out of your Device Magic mobile forms solution.

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Blog - 11 Ways to go digital with mobile forms


Top 11 Ways to Use Mobile Forms

Technology has transformed how businesses operate. Employees are no longer restricted to a desk in order to get work done. Mobile forms enable employees who work in the field or outside of the office to collect and submit data in real-time from their mobile devices, ensuring business workflows can move forward even when an employee is offsite.

Here are some of the top ways mobile forms can be used by your business.

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What Paper Costs your Business - Device Magic

What Paper is Costing Your Business | Ebook

Paper is slowing your business down and wasting money. Read how you can boost business efficiency by moving to mobile-based processes.

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Device Magic customer stories and case studies Ebook

Transforming Businesses, Backyards & Lives | Ebook

These businesses are using mobile forms to collect data around the world, complete mandatory forms without a connection, access real-time data from the field, and better track projects.

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Device Magic Mobile Forms Customer Survey infographic

Customer Survey: Mobile Forms Usage | Infographic

In a recent survey, customers shared with us how they are using Device Magic, how it saves them time and money, and why they chose us over other solutions.

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Device Magic mobile forms app on tablet in construction field

Tutorials That Make Using Device Magic Easy

The Help Center has everything you need to get the most out of your mobile forms solution. Find answers to all of your questions, view step-by-step guides to setting up your mobile forms app, Dashboard and every component of the product, as well as how-to's and tips on using each feature and Integration.

Additional customer support is available by contacting

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Device Magic Mobile Forms Features Overview
Form Builder Build forms online with the Device Magic form builder. Easily recreate paper forms with simple drag-and-drop functionality and customization options.
Mobile Forms App Complete forms from anywhere on your devices with our modern, easy-to-use mobile forms app. Experience a more user-friendly interface, fewer errors, and faster delivery with powerful digital forms.
Offline Access Collect data from the field even with no internet connection. Your teams on the jobsite can complete forms from anywhere with no data loss.
Workflows & Integrations Automate entire business processes with one form through logic and workflows. Don't just receive your data; transport and put your data to work with automation. Combine popular business applications to trigger events, securely store forms, and enhance productivity with our many integrations.
Destinations & Output Customization (PDF) Send completed forms wherever, and however, you need. Customize form data output with custom branding and layout in a PDF or Doc. Send images, text, and full forms via email, SMS, or other communication platforms.
Dispatch Send forms to your field teams on the fly. Partially populated forms can be dispatched from the office out to the field. Workflows can be automated to cause one form's completion to pre-populate and send out another form to a different user or the same user.
Web App The Web App allows users to complete mobile forms without a mobile device. In the case of a dead battery, lost phone, or other circumstance, forms can be completed from the Device Magic Web App instead of just on a phone or tablet.
User Groups Gain greater control over which users and teams can access what forms and data. Choose to send forms to specific devices or specific teams and groups, and audit which users or groups completed certain forms.
Analytics & Reporting Review, analyze, and visualize the submission activity within your Device Magic account. Build charts and reports with data from form submissions, answers, locations, timestamps, and more.
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